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Casserole Making Tips and Recipes

Many of us grew up eating mom’s casserole. Generally, it was made from a bunch of leftovers from previous meals had throughout the week. In this day and time many of us refer to a casserole as “comfort food” because it reminds us of those days as well as gives us a warm, satisfying feeling when we sit down to a casserole dinner. The only difference now is that we make casseroles from a variety of recipes and they don’t always mean eating leftovers.

Healthy Dinner Recipes – Discover How Refreshing and Exotic Salad Can Be When You Add Some Fruit

Salads are great quick healthy dinners and especially perfect for hot summer days when you don’t feel like cooking and eating hot food. But you need to be careful to make them healthy and not load them with calories. Did you ever try a salad with fruit instead of vegetables? Taste this one!

Quick Healthy Dinner Recipes – Enjoy Summer With This Quick Salad Packed With Nutrients and Taste

There’s nothing better than a salad for dinner on a hot summer day. But be on your guard: Not all salads are healthy! Try this quick to make mixed vegetable salad with yogurt dressing and whole grain rolls and enjoy the goodness of a nutrient packed but low calorie meal!

Appetizer Recipes – Elegant Appetizers

Try these elegant appetizer recipes at your next party or family gathering. Appetizer recipes suit many special occasions, so enjoy them as often as you like!

Appetizer Recipes – Dips Done Daintily

These delicious appetizer recipes are easy, tasty and reliable. Serve anyone of them at your next party or family gathering. You can present them daintily…

3 Quick and Easy Last Minute Meals

In our busy schedules we are always looking for good and quick meals. These three meals can be done in less than twenty minutes from stove to table.

Carrot Soup – Diarrhea Recipe

There are many causes to diarrhea: viruses, bacterias, germs, bad food, antibiotics, excessive intake of laxatives and so on. There are plenty of remedies to diarrhea, and some are better than others. One that is 100% natural, easy to make, cheap and effective is carrot soup.

Heart Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe

A delicious carrot soup recipe perfect for people that have heart disease problems. There is no fat in this recipe whatsoever.

A Simple, Elegant Marinade For All Your Meat Grilling Needs

Everyone, whether you are firing up your grill for the first time or you are an experienced pro, can benefit from this simple, insanely good marinade. Not only will it shock your taste buds, it works for any type of meat you may want to cook.

My Chinese Recipes – Ancient Chinese Snack-Roasted Chestnut?

Roasted chestnuts are one of the ancient Chinese refreshments in our winter! When I was a kid, it was very easy to find the hawkers with their wooden carts parked in the streets, working hard with a big shovel to stir the chestnuts with big pots of black sugar all the time. The hawker must continue to stir the chestnuts to keep them hot but they cannot be too hot; otherwise, it would break the chestnut husks. Today, it is very difficult to find these hawkers in the streets. However, a lot of Taiwanese & Japanese beverage manufacturers have made the ready-to-eat roasted chestnuts which are packed in small packs, and we may easily inspire our memory any time.

Chocolate Candy Bar Pie – Anyone Want a Slice of Chocolate Candy Bar Pie?

Having the girls over for coffee? Need an fabulous chocolate dessert to WOW your friends? Grab this great Chocolate Candy Bar Pie recipe and make them drool in anticipation!

Jumbo Carrot Bran Muffin Recipe

Learn how to bake some delicious carrot bran muffins with this simple tutorial. The method is very simple, but needs to be followed perfectly!

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