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Chocolate Covered Goji Berries For Christmas – Taste Combined With Health

There is something undeniably irresistible and mystical about chocolates and what can be better than combining these with the enormous health given by goji berries. The silky creamy and elegant color of chocolates, combined with the rich flavor, exquisitely sweet and tantalizing aroma of goji berries, can really arouse your senses and push up your health to a lot new heights. Whether you are an adult or a kid, you must find Christmas as the most magical time of the year.

Better Mashed Potatoes

Getting mashed potatoes to turn out right is a battle a cook most certainly will face while in the kitchen. I will offer up a few helpful tips along with a fabulous mashed potato recipe.

Black Olives – Black and Orange Salad – A Recipe From Andalusia Spain

People are always searching for healthy and easy to make recipes. This recipe is a staple in the Spanish region of Andalusia. It is wonderfully uncomplicated but packed with flavor and loaded with pungent spices.

Deep Fried Pickles and Jalapenos

As a grill specialist and BBQ fanatic, I wanted to come up with something really good to serve as an appetizer, so I searched my brain and found it. Deep Fried Pickles. That’s right, deep fried pickles.

The Recipes and Foods of Libya

Libya is Africa’s fourth largest country (by land mass) though 90% of the country is desert. This is an ancient land, and the name ‘Libya’ is native Berber in origin and is known from Egyptian texts of over 4000 years ago.

My All-Star Alaskan Smoked Salmon Spread

Here is my personal recipe for my Alaskan smoked salmon spread. Use like cream cheese on a warm bagel and you will think you died and went to heaven! Your outcome will only be as good as your ingredients, so be sure to use the finest ingredients available.

10 Ways to Use Leftover Meatloaf

Ever wonder what to do with your leftover meat loaf? Here are 10 creative ways to satisfy your appetite.

Making the Right Latke (Potato Pancake) For Hanukkah

Advise on how to make latkes (potato pancakes) for Hanukkah including a recipe for classic Ashkenazic latkes. Suggestions for different types of latkes, including oven baked latkes and ethnic latkes from Morocco and India.

Smoked Seafood is a Great New Treat

When you’re planning your next holiday party, liven up your appetizers with some smoked seafood. They’re sure to add an extra kick to your dishes, and lead to a lot of questions about just where you got these great tasting treats.

Desserts Recipes For Thanksgiving

It’s that time a year! One thing I treasured in my life was Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmas. She had to be the best cook on the planet. The thing that she had, that will make or break your family from being happy with your meal or walking away saying it was OK, is dessert.

Thanksgiving Gravy Recipe

Holidays are a time for family to get together and rejoice life. Preparing the traditional meal during these holidays, especially Thanksgiving can be very stressful. You don’t want to be known as a bad cook and you also want people to enjoy the food they eat.

Potato Recipes

As you probably know, potatoes originated in South America, however they are now grown in many countries around the world. Today, potatoes are in fact the world’s fourth largest food crop after rice, wheat and corn, and are a staple food in many countries around the world. There are many ways the potatoes can be prepared, here a few recipe ideas that you might consider.

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