ASMR Challenge: Guess which dish we’re making BIG!

Great Korean Recipes – Korean Crab Stew

Korean crab stew is similar to a Western style bouillabaisse which originated in the port city of Marseille, France.

Chinese Recipe – Shanghai Pepper Steak

It took me a couple of times to perfect this with the right ingredients, but I’ve got it down now! This is an excellent tasting Chinese dish and it’s easy to prepare. It’s lean and healthy too! If you don’t like things so spicy, just cut the amounts of the black pepper and the crushed red pepper in half.

Tropical Fish Kebabs

Fish kebabs with a real island flair. Great for outdoor grilling.

Cranberry Pork Tenderloin

A unique and tasty way to prepare pork tenderloin. And with a total cooking time of only about 30 minutes, it’s a great dish for when you’re in a hurry.

Breakfast Casserole

Easy breakfast casserole that can be made up ahead of time and cooked fresh when you’re ready.

Trudy’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trudy’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookies on our web site. I’m not crazy about pumpkin, but these cookies are so good they make you forget that you are eating a large squash like plant. As you can tell by my comment, I’m not crazy about any plant in the squash family. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a total Freddie Fooie, I like vegetables as long as they are kept raw.

American Grilled Beer Burgers Recipe

Talk about a Recipe that is American through and through! Here is an all-American burger recipe I put together recently. I use beer in many of the recipes I develop because it enhances the flavors of a recipe and adds layers of flavor. Be extra patriotic and use an American brew for this recipe!

Really Quick Tasty Chili

There are a thousand chili recipes out there, but what about a quick and easy Chili that can be ready in around 30 minutes? Most people say fugettaboutit! This recipe will prove them all wrong.

Hidden White Chocolate Cheesecake

Make a white chocolate cheesecake that fulls everyone because the white chocolate does not alter the appearance so no one will know why that cheesecake has that wonderful chocolate taste, and yet looks the same!

Meatball Mania! A Simple Mealtime Solution

Cooking up a large batch of meatballs in advance to store in the freezer goes a long way toward establishing a supply of quick and easy meals. And if you take advantage of sales on ground beef and stock up, this can be a tremendous boon to your family budget too!

Unique Brownie Recipes

These two recipes are a fun twist on an old classic.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Madness

I’ve been mad about cookies since I can remember. The first word I spoke as a young child was cookie. My sons’ first word was cookie and my granddaughters’ first word was cookie. Yes, cookies madness begins at a very young age. Some of my favorite memories were of mom baking cookies. Chocolate chip has always been my favorite.

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