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Tea Party for Two – One of Many Valentine’s Day Ideas

Tea Party for two, it’s a good tea party idea. Let’s add this to Valentine’s Day ideas. This special day is going to be here before we know it. Valentine’s Day is generally thought of as a day for people in love. Over the years though our other loved ones have come to be included.

Crustless Crab Quiche

This is a great recipe for shucked dungeness crab meat or any leftover king crab meat. The Crab Quiche blends the flavor of the crab into a perfect lunch or dinner starter course.

How To Cook Lamb Soup – Cook Delicious Carrot Lamb Soup (Chinese Cuisine)

This is an article on how to cook carrot lamb soup. If you are bored of the lamb soup in normal western restaurant, then you should consider cooking this chinese-style carrot lamb soup at home.

Choosing Almond Butter

Almond butter is similar to peanut butter, but without the peanuts. This makes the spread less salty and also a wonderful alternative for those with peanut allergies. Several studies have been done with the results all finding that eating nuts is linked to lower risk of heart disease.

How to Make Sushi Part 2 -Sssshhhh, Silent Sushi Incursion!

Part 2 of my sushi preparation guide. A little quieter, a little more serious, but it’s still easy and it’s still fun! Make the darn sushi already!

How to Make Sushi Part 1 – Extreme Sushi Explosion, Kapow!

Part 1 of a guide to preparing your own sushi. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s not as scary as you’ve been made to believe. Make the darn sushi.

How To Write A Recipe

It amazes me how many great chefs can cook fantastic dishes yet fail to be able to write recipes in a clear and concise way that makes for easy reading and understanding. Many could do with working in manufacturing industry for a number of weeks and learn the skill involved in preparing a bill of materials for a product because in this way they would get to understand how certain ingredients can be grouped together to make a “sub assembly” before the preparation into the final assembly.

Ghee – The Secret Ingredient of Quality Indian Dishes At Home!

The rich, silky, nutty flavor of ghee adds an incomparable flavor to food. Along with exotic spices, ghee is what gives Indian cuisine its depth of flavor and unique aromas.

Gingerbread – An Updated, Healthier Recipe for Your Family

Gingerbread is one of those recipes that appeals to everyone. Nothing smells as good as baking gingersnaps or gingerbread. Historic, vintage, and modern cook books contain recipes for gingerbread, but many of these recipes are too sweet and high in fat. This writer and “foodie” came up with a lighter version of the classic recipe. Your family will love it.

Slow Simmered Pork Belly for Joy

This is absolutely one of my favourites, as well as a drastically underappreciated dish. It’s one of those recipes which turns a cheap, less popular cut of meat into something brain-meltingly gorgeous, with very little effort. There’s a little bit of an interesting philosophical twist in there as well, because if you can cook great things with the less popular cuts of an animal it’s a great way of showing respect to that (once-)living thing and making its death worthwhile.

Springing Out of Recipe Rut

Tired of cooking the same meals? Cooking your favorite foods over and over can really get you in a recipe rut. Trying to schedule time to plan your weekly menus can really help you enjoy new foods and get out of your usual meal rut.

How to Make Stock (And Why) – A Seriously Studly Kitchen Skill

Making stock. It’s one of those vastly underrated and marginalized kitchen skills. And yet it’s the key to some truly awesome cooking, and it is an incredibly studly thing to be able to make. I’ll explain how (and how easy it is) to make stock, and give some reasons why you should be making it too.

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