Crème Brûlée Cookies

Wild Ingredients – The ‘New Black’ of Food

Wild ingredients are currently en vogue in the restaurant industry. What does this mean for the home cook and is it a fad or a shift in perception. Are we really re-gaining the forgotten knowlege from the past?

Broccoli, More Popular Than Ever

This article provides a history of broccoli, nutrition facts about broccoli and broccoli trivia. It ends with some delicious broccoli recipes.

In the Kitchen

Cooking and family recipes were always something huge in my family. I was raised in a home where my family taught me to do a lot of cooking, which quickly became one of my favorite things to do. Through the years, my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen were filled with scrumptious treats and groups of people collaborating in the kitchen.

Almond Chocolate and Cherry Hazelnut Biscotti – Low-Carb Recipes

Two of my favorite biscotti recipes!

Grandma Hystads Recipes, Bar Mixes, Cooking Dictionary

Due to space, this article of Grandma Hystad’s Recipes will be restricted to a cooking dictionary, cooking times, and other valuable information you can use around your house. For recipes, bar mixes, check out some of Grandma Hystad’s Recipes listed in this Article Directory.

Breakfast on the Run – Smoothies Can Start Your Morning Off Right

Breakfast is an important meal, but often busy mornings don’t allow time for it. Instead of pouring coffee into your travel mug, try these smoothie recipes and start your day off right!

Classic Dishes of Provence: Poulet aux Senteurs de Provence

A simple but effective and delicious dish of chicken baked with lemon, garlic and herbs.

Watermelons – Some Latent Truths Revealed

Get an insight into some of the known and unknown facts about watermelons. Low in calorie, but charged with essential nutrients, watermelon diet is claiming huge loyalty among the health freaks.

Many Articles Contain Unfamiliar Cookery Terms, Have You Ever Wondered What These May Mean

Recipes derive from countries all around the world and the basic techniques of European cookery are based on French and Italian methods. As a result many recipes and cookery books may contain a range of terms that are cookery-specific and which you may not know. The aim of a cooks’ glossary is to both bring these terms to the attention of a wider public and to make them understandable.

Kahlua Cutouts Cookie Recipe

The Kahlua cutouts cookie recipe turns out a special cookie that adults will love! A delicate blend of Kahlua and coffee will have your taste buds craving for more!

Nutritious Asparagus – A European Delicacy

This article explains the Asparagus Festival in Germany every year. It outlines the nutritional benefits of asparagus and provides proper care and storage techniques. Finally, it includes a recipe for asparagus with honey garlic sauce and asparagus ice cream.

Chicken Rendang

They have to adjust the spices and ingredients using what are available. So this is chicken rendang the Javanese Suriname taste.

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