Delicious Lentil Soup Recipe

Smoked Salmon Pancakes – For Hors D’Oeuvres, Starter Or Main

Throovest shares the secret of one of his finest and simplest dishes. Sometimes the flavour and subtlety of smoked salmon is lost, placed as it often is on cheese biscuits or as a garnish to a salad. In this recipe, a distinct, fresh approach to this fish is taken, where it will work as an hors d’oeuvre, a starter or a main course.

Super Easy Versatile Cookies!

Use maraschino cherry juice in place of water, shortening and a white mix. Top each cookie with 1/2 of a maraschino cherry before baking (be sure to push cherry down slightly into dough ball).

What Every Chef Should Know About Preparing the Paella Pico Dish

The name “PAELLA” is Spanish and refers to the large round pan this dish is cooked in. Typically, this has been a cast iron pan, with a raised lip, not unlike our cast iron “skillets”. The secret is in seasoning the cast iron so that food doesn’t stick when the pan is used. Seasoning can be done in two ways. After the new pan is thoroughly washed and scrubbed to remove any hint of the oil used during its manufacturing, the pan is placed in an oven at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit to dry it thoroughly. This will take about an hour. “Seasoning” a cast iron pan fills the porous metal surface with a slippery film akin to a polymer made from cooking oil that makes the surface virtually ‘stick-free’. Better than any commercial “non-stick” surface, the pan will cook very healthy food by not requiring a lot of cooking oil, and clean up with very little effort.

Feast – Slimming Snacks to Magnificent Meals

Take those slimming snacks you love and turn them into magnificent meals. Ideas for meals that come from snack foods.

Yam Porridge

It is observed that either people are lazy to eat a balanced meal or the fairy tale story that almost all Nigerians are living below 1 dollar has eaten into their deep brain. But here are a few steps on how to prepare a balanced yam porridge.

Potato Cheese

Here’s one of my family favourites, it’s relatively quick, reasonably cheap and ridiculously simple. You’ll need…

Uncomplicated Daily Cooking Suggestions

So you are one of those families with the hectic lifestyle where cooking comes as a lot more of a chore than fun. Right here are some quick everyday cooking points which will support you along during your busy workweek. These guidelines also work pretty properly for single men and women too and can make gourmet cooking an each day event.

There Really Is Such An Issue As Easy French Cooking

We all have, at one time or yet another, seen the cooking shows or feature stories that have French recipes. Usually they seem difficult, complex or call for lots of prep time. But surprise, there exists uncomplicated French cooking as well. Most French recipes don’t demand five pots to make a sauce, nor do they take an hour to set up.

Turning A Recipe Into Easy Cooking For Youngsters

Simple daily cooking is not just one thing that moms and dads can do. Children can start at an early age studying about elements and simple two or three step recipes. With some supervision, practically any meal preparation can become a lesson in uncomplicated cooking for children.

An English Breakfast

Ah now in my house the egg makes the breakfast. We very rarely have scrambled egg with an ‘English’, for us it has to be fried, there are many ways to kill a fried egg but the good news is that like most things if you do it right it’s really easy to get it spot on.

Making Garlic Chicken on the Grill

Cooking meat on a grill out on the back porch with all of your friends and family around is pure joy. If the weather is nice and you’ve got some music playing, it’s pure heaven. But if you want to keep things joyous, you have to make sure that the food isn’t just good but great. Meat cooked on a grill is still just meat without a mouthwatering marinade to make it special.

An Overview Of Modelling Chocolate For UK Cake Makers

Lots of people in the UK watch popular cake making TV shows – and many will want to try and recreate some of the amazing designs. A big problem is when it comes to obtaining or making modelling chocolate for creating figures. A main ingredient used in the recipe is unavailable in the United Kingdom.

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