How to Make Flaky Biscuits

The Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has long been used by traditional healing throughout Asia and India. Known and revered for it’s anti inflammatory benefits along with it’s pungent taste, this artilces provides a bit of history, uses and a recipe.

Oregano Soup Recipe

I live in a place where there is plenty of fresh oregano when in season. It tastes great in soup, as I have recently found out! The rice is used a thickener in order to avoid eating wheat unnecessarily, or you can simply use more potatoes as a thickener.

Thai Recipe – Pumpkin Braised With Pork, Lemongrass and Basil

Pumpkin with lemongrass, basil and pork This was my breakfast. I have to admit that my habits have changed, and I am not referring to wearing new garments handed down from the internet monk that lives around the corner. Breakfast is no longer a heart attack platter of eggs, bacon and sausages bursting with flavour, goodness and saturated fat.

Cooking Recipes – How to Make Mexican Style Chili and Baked Meat Manicotti

People who really love to cook will always look for new recipes for them to try out. When it comes to spicy food, the Mexican Style Chili surpasses any other spicy food as this is definitely palatable. Like this spicy recipe, the Baked Meat Manicotti is truly delectable. So have your Rachael Ray cookware set on a table and enjoy doing these recipes yourself.

Quick and Easy to Make Meatloaf Recipes

When you talk about good old fashioned comfort foods, meatloaf has to be near the top of the list. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it can also be very inexpensive and made with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Nutritious, Chocolaty Cacao Fudgesicle Recipe

Its summertime again and the hot weather is back. Everyone loves Popsicles as a quick treat to help them cool down. However, Popsicles sold at the grocery store are loaded with processed sugar and high amounts of fructose corn syrup – neither of which are considered healthy.

How to Make “Instant” Malaysian Noodles

This is one of the simplest noodles with gravy to make. “Mee Rebus” is Malay for boiled noodles. The nicest thing about this recipe is that you have complete freedom to use whatever meat and vegetables you prefer. You can also vary how hot you want the dish to be by changing the amount of chilly powder used without losing the original taste.

Delicious, Healthy Mexican Pesto Pizza Recipe

Everyone loves pizza. Here is a healthy, nutritious alternative. Try it out!

Filipino Recipes – Sizzling Pork Sisig – Pinoy Food

Sizzling pork sisig is a very popular “pulutan” for beer. It is a bestseller among bars and restaurants because it is a perfect match for beer and any kind of drinks.

Making a Statement at Dinnertime With Alaska King Crab

If you are thinking of shrimp and salmon as your only options when you are preparing Alaska Seafood for dinner, you are forgetting about one of the best of all: Alaska King Crab. Besides being one of the top cold seafood appetizers, King Crab can make the grade as the main course at dinnertime. Try these three recipes when you want to make a delicious meal.

Three Winning Recipes For Serving Alaska Shellfish

If you can sense your family becoming crestfallen when you mention seafood is on the menu, chances are the chef in the house has not been doing his or her job correctly. If you rely only on fried preparations, that heavy feeling can accompany you for hours after a meal. There are so many ways to enjoy Alaska Shellfish and Salmon, you should never become limited in your cooking style. Try any of these three Alaska Shellfish recipes when you want to go the extra mile.

Easy Cod Seafood Recipe For Dinner Tonight

Alaska cod is such a great way to get your seafood fix. Its texture, which is firm, allows it to be prepared in almost any way. You can fry it, saute it, bake it, poach it, or steam it, depending on the recipe or method you prefer. Almost any sauce or seasoning tastes good with cod, which means you have even more recipes to choose from. Besides being so versatile, it is packed with nutrients and protein.

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