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Chocolate-New Year Chocolate Popcorn

As we approach the New Year festivities, I am always on the lookout for a simple, satisfying party treat. I believe I have found a great chocolate popcorn recipe that you can share with your family and guests.

Chocolate – Christmas Chocolate Mocha Recipe

Chocolate is great all year round but it is especially welcome during the Christmas season. This simple chocolate mocha recipe can be made in a snap!

Homemade Yogurt is a Healthy Way to Save Money and Reduce Waste

Like most things homemade, yogurt you make yourself is just better: it tastes better, it’s better for you (no preservatives, sugar or chemicals added), it’s less expensive, and there’s no packaging waste. Plus, making homemade yogurt is easy!

Rabbit Stew Recipe

Serve with crusty bread and green vegetables. I also find a good bottle of Claret helps the whole lot down.

Chicken and Dumpling Stew

I was really in the mood for something hearty and satisfying, but stews and soups are foods I can only really appreciate in cooler climates which, at averages in the high 70s, is not something we Floridians have been experiencing these past few days. Still, I decided to give this stew a try.

The Dangers of Overeating During the Holidays – Blowing Your Diet is Only One of Your Worries!

Well, it is that time of year again when we all go out and enjoy the company of friends and family. I know I look forward to this holiday season but this time of year also generates the most questions and anxiety about holiday eating from my clients.

Easy Classic Chicken Salad

This recipe was voted one of the top chicken salad recipes in the 2008 cookbook, The Best Chicken Recipes, by Cooks Illustrated. I have adapted this recipe to save time and eliminate fuss.

Wrapping Up a Healthy Portable Lunch

Lunch at work or on the go is one of the stumbling points of healthy eating. In a typical work environment, it’s easy to give in to the convenience of fast food, take out, and restaurant lunches. Unfortunately, eating unhealthy lunchtime meals will take a toll on both wallets and waistlines. Try one of these recipes.

Easy Spicy Chicken Recipe

Here is a recipe that’s healthy and very easy to make! A great addition to your low calorie diet plan! Time: 20 minutes Calories: 150 per serving Serving Size: 1 Chicken Breast.

Perfectly Perfect Pesto

This is one of my favorite recipes, it’s easy to make and it tastes great. It’s also considered a healthy dish because of it’s uncooked qualities. This dish is sure to please everyone despite it’s quick preparation.

Super Stuffed Meatball Hamburgers

An exotic spin on the simple hamburger. This recipe is sure to please all those who eat these hamburgers. They contain tasty ingredients that give an Italian spin on an all American theme.

Columbian Style Yuca!

This is a great recipe that is simple to prepare and boasts BIG flavor. I took me many years to perfect this recipe. I first had this dish at a local restaurant and the owner wouldn’t disclose the recipe. Needless to say it took many trips to the aforementioned restaurant before I finally got a recipe that rivals the said establishment.

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