Mexican Adobo Seasoning – Especias para Adobo – Mexican Food

Perfect Options For a Healthy Breakfast

Making a healthy breakfast is quick and easy with these simple recipe ideas. With just a few ingredients and fresh and natural food you can put together a healthy meal in minutes and start your day off right.

How to Make a Great Tasting Wheatgrass Smoothie

Wheatgrass is one plant that is certainly growing in popularity because of the many health benefits that it provides to you. Wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and can be used in a number of your favorite health food drinks and/or meals at any time of the day.

Easy Mexican Recipes – Made With Live Foods

I am a huge proponent of healthy eating. I believe in the importance of including lots of fresh, organic, raw ingredients into my lifestyle. Raw foods are alive and packed with nutrients, many of which are killed during the cooking process.

The Perfect Sandwich

Everybody enjoys eating different types of food, it’s a fact. But who doesn’t enjoy a really good sandwich? I don’t know anyone who turns their nose up at a really well constructed and flavoured ‘sarnie’.

Recipes For the RV Road

You’re on the road in your RV, with a full kitchen, but have no idea what to cook. Here are a few good recipes to get you started, but you might want to plan your meals in advance for ease in trip-planning shopping.

How to Make a Mouth Watering Beef Roast

Beef roast is perhaps one of the most simple dishes to make for your family any time of the year and takes very little effort to do so. There are just a few steps involved, but when completed, you are left with a great tasting meal that the entire family will enjoy. You can add variation to your preparation steps, toss in different combinations of vegetables, and have fun with it to make your great tasting dish.

Developing A Sourdough Starter

Place 6 tablespoons of ground, whole grain flour into a large-mouthed canning jar and blend it very well with 4 tbsp of water. Chlorinated public water could kill the bacteria in your starter, so it is best to work with purified water. The flour and water need to be nicely combined while taking care to move any remains down the sides of the glass. Set a cover onto the container loosely. This will keep out unwanted pests and protect the fresh starter from drying. Because the jar is loosely covered, the gases that are a byproduct of your growing culture are able to be released without causing damage to the jar.

Lemon Chicken Breast Recipe

There are many different chicken breast recipes that can be made using this delicious poultry. This article discusses one possibility – a lemon-based version with a bit of batter.

How to Cook in the Simplest Way That You Have Ever Known

I know that you have already known that salmon has a lot of nutritional value that you can acquire of you will just eat it. That is why, many people try to make a dish out of salmon but some people do not know that there are very simple ways to cook it.

Fish Cutlet Using Salmon

Fish Cutlet is a popular non-veg fast food item and can be prepared in various ways. Some of them “dilutes” the fish with stuffing material which is necessary given the smell of a fish.

The Best Way to Cook a Healthy Food – Chicken

Many people love to eat and cook chicken, why? The main reason is it is very delicious and you can cook it in whatever style you wanted to, maybe roasted, poached, grilled or boiled and may even be combined with different kinds of ingredients but still achieves the great taste that you wanted.

With Frozen Stir Fry Vegetables You Can Make a Meal in Minutes

The work day is ending and you wonder what you are going to fix for dinner. Though you want a tasty meal, you’re tired, and don’t want to spend lots of time fixing it. The solution: frozen stir fry vegetables. If you have a bag of stir fry vegetables in the freezer you’ll have a meal in minutes. This recipe for chicken and stir fried vegetables feeds four to six people.

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