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South Meets North – Delicious Tex-Mex With Alaska Pink Shrimp

Who doesn’t love Tex-Mex? It’s one of America’s favorite types of cuisine and has been enticing diners since it was first brought to the country by Mexican immigrants more than a hundred years ago. From burritos to nachos to bean dip, there’s something irresistible about the amount of mouth-watering flavor packed into each bite of the spicy southwest. And if Tex-Mex is America’s favorite cuisine, then shrimp is America’s favorite shellfish.

Making Lunch a Real Treat With Snow Crab From Alaska

There are dozens of seafood treasures coming from Alaska, many of which are the prize meals of restaurants all over the world. The beautiful color and flavor of Alaska Sockeye Salmon or Alaska King Crab will deliver the best meals you will ever prepare, but not everyone can indulge in these luxuries whenever the mood strikes them. Fortunately, there are always plenty of options in Alaska Seafood, so you don’t need to let price or availability stand in the way of a great meal.

Make Your Own Miso Black Cod at Home

Have you heard about Nobu’s famed black cod with miso but can’t afford to go there and try it? Or, have you had the incredibly delicious dish and wish you could replicate it at home? Believe it or not, it is easier to make than you think. Just follow this simple recipe and you will impress your friends beyond your wildest dreams!

Mouth-Watering Recipes With Alaska Seafood

Eating healthier can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. The easiest thing you can do when it comes to improving your diet is nixing red meats that are bad for you and adding more seafood. After all, seafood is rich in healthy fats, like Omega-3s, and is also simple to prepare. But in a world of steaks and hamburgers, this sort of switch can be a little bit difficult. Here is one excellent recipe, all which makes use of the fresh and delicious Alaska Halibut, that is just as good for you as it is delicious for your whole family.

Healthy Recipes For Alaskan Halibut

If you have turned on the TV, read a magazine or spoken to your doctor lately, you have surely heard of the health benefits of fresh fish. It is a wonderful low fat protein that is both filling and delicious. The only problem is, it can be a little daunting to cook if you have never done so before. However, with these healthy recipes for Alaska halibut you will be getting the health benefits of fish in no time!

A Low Dairy Content Blackberry Vanilla Smoothie

This is a very delicious smoothie. I made this with rice milk and did not add yogurt because my husband can not have a lot of dairy. There is some dried milk in the protein, but it is not enough to cause him problems. If you have a sensitivity to dairy, but can still have some, this would be a great option for you.

Make Your Own High Fiber Cereal That the Kids Will Love

Everybody knows that the American diet doesn’t have enough fiber in it and that can lead to all kinds of serious health problems. But trying to find food that is high in fiber, tastes good, and is quick and easy to make is a really tough task. Well what follows is a guide to turning that bland tasteless high fiber cereal that you hate into a morning miracle of taste. Trust me. This is a great way to solve your fiber shortage problem.

Don’t Buy That Hummus!

Homemade hummus is much better than the commercial variety available at the supermarket. It is very easy to make, and can be served with a variety of raw vegetables, pita crisps, or crackers.

Your Guide to Scrumptious Cod Recipes

Cod can be prepared in several ways, so you never have to serve the same dish over and over. Add white wine when preparing cod recipes and add a different taste to your meals. Concoct different recipes and feast on tasty cod meals with your friends.

A Clever Insight on Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes

Copy cat restaurant recipes have flooded grocery stores and small dining rooms ever since top secret restaurant recipes have made the creators so successful, as they attract those who want a piece of the action. Some businesses benefit from the success of others by creating copy cat recipes and selling them as their own.

Do You Have to Give Up Pasta While Losing Weight

If you think you can not have pasta while you are trying to lose weight…then think again. Check out this great recipe.

Tasty American Restaurants – Dishes For Home Cooking

All of us have some fondness for home cooking tucked somewhere in our heart of hearts. Home cook meals conjure up early memories of family gatherings, dinners at the table, our mom’s, or even our dad’s, specialties and, of course, grandma or grandpa’s cooking.

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