Thai Red Curry & Chicken

Panfried Prawns In A Sweet And Sour Sauce With Thai Herbs

It is one of the first “East meets West” recipes I created in Saint-Tropez. This lukewarm appetizer has always been very successful when served to the guest. Definitely one of my favourite “East meets West” dishes. It is easy to do, except maybe for the lace pancake that needs a little experience. The sauce can be kept for days in the fridge, much longer if stored in a freezer. Pancakes can be made in advance and…

Roast Rack Of Lamb Marinated With Cardamom And Cardamom Sauce

Strain through a sieve into a saucepan, disposing of all that is left in the sieve. Check the taste and add salt or pepper if necessary. If you think the cardamom taste is not strong enough, crush the cardamom cloves and/or add a little extra.

White Chocolate Brownie Recipe – White Chocolate Raspberry Brownie

These recipes for white chocolate brownies prove that brownies don’t have to be traditionally chocolate to be delicious.

Cheesecake Brownie Recipe – Lemon Cheesecake Brownie

Here’s a unique brownie that’s got a surprise lemon cheese filling.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Recipe: Banana Brownie with Chocolate Chips

Here’s an absolutely taste tempting collection of gourmet brownie recipes – enjoy.

Easy, Quick & Satisfying Recipes

Whether it’s a friends and family get-together to celebrate birthday, to watch the World cup or a big office party, keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum with these sensationally simple recipes.

A Absolutly Fantastic Banana Muffin Recipe

So Delicious you just can’t resist them.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Recipe – Chewy S’More Brownie

Get a little more out of your S’More experience by adding fudge brownies – bet these will disappear fast.

Healthy Chicken Recipes Get Four In One

It had been quite a while since our family had enjoyed some good chicken tortillas! I knew there was a package of flour tortillas at home so I picked up a 4 – 5 lb. Roaster chicken on Sat. and not only did we have those scrumptious wraps we also had three other great healthy recipes from that one chicken. This is how it all came about!

Gorgonzola Cheese – Italy’s Delicious Import

This article explains the history and making of Gorgonzola cheese. It also suggests great food accompaniments to enjoy with it. Finally, it offers two delicious pasta recipes using Gorgonzola.

Tilapia, the World’s Fastest Growing Fish Crop

Tilapia is the is the fastest growing aquaculture crop in the United States and around the world. This article outlines the nutritional value of tilapia, gives tips for buying, storing and handling and offers a delicious recipe for Beer Marinated Tilapia.

Mediterranean Grilled Half-Moon Burger Recipe

The family was together recently, and I had a craving for the taste of middle-eastern food, so I decided to put something together. I didn’t have a lot of time to cook that day, so I wanted to do something that would be easy to prepare. It was a nice afternoon, so I thought something on grill would be nice.

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