Who Can Make the Tiniest Breakfasts? | The Big Tiny Food Face-Off

Avocado Salad With Beets – A Festive Eat Younger Sensation For Positive Aging!

Avocados add a low glycemic load which means you succeed with your diabetic diet. Once labeled fattening, the benefits of the oils in avocado are now much appreciated for positive aging. Research has reported they have monounsaturated oils that protect your heart from disease. Avocados give you fresh antioxidant power that your body can use immediately to detoxify your body, slow aging, and speed up recovery from illness.

Dinner is Served

You are having your date over for dinner and don’t know what to serve to impress that special someone. Look no further. A simple menu, sure to be a hit, making your dinner and date a success!

Cooking With Seafood and Herbs

Herbs enrich the flavor and odor of food. Discover which herbs combine well with seafood.

Filipino Food Rice Toppings

This article is about the famous Filipino cooking recipes. The author also included tips on how to make Filipino food rice toppings.

Christmas Detox Reviver

I haven’t perfected the perfectly dry martini but I do believe I’ve arrived at a most satisfactory recipe for what I’m going to call – THE CHRISTMAS REVIVER. Some of you will recognize this drink – I’ve used it for many years as a detox -assisting those wanting to come off caffeine (whether tea or coffee).

Free Low Calorie Recipes – Should You Be Looking For Them?

Free low calorie recipes are fun to look at… but should you really be eating them? If you’re looking for free low calorie recipes, there are plenty of them available. A simple Google search will find hundreds of them for you.

Raw Food Recipes

This article gives support to using recipes to help you stay on a raw food diet. You can fight off being bored with your food choices.

5 Chicken Recipes That Even A Diabetic Can Enjoy

Sprinkle both sides of chicken with salt and pepper. Place chicken on a rack in a shallow open roasting pan…

Tips For Kentucky Style Fried Chicken

Here we are going to go over some basic tips that are employed by the professionals to get great tasting fried chicken somewhat like Kentucky fried style. Accurate and authentic tasting Kentucky style fried chicken recipes are hard to find but here are some pointers to get you in the right direction.

Baby Shower Recipes – Some Samples to Choose From

Baby showers are generally held in the later stages of pregnancy (in the last 2 months, for instance). There are, however, certain cultural beliefs that make people purposefully wait for the baby to arrive before having a baby shower. Adoptive parents, at times, wait until after the adoption is final and the baby has arrived in their home….

What To Do With All That Butternut Squash

Fall is harvest time for winter squash. If you are left with an abundance of butternut squash, here are some great, simple ideas how to put them to work in your kitchen.

Pumpkin Baking Recipes

The smell of pumpkin baking always conjures up memories of Thanksgiving for me. The day always started early with mom bustling about the kitchen to prepare our feast. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would always be playing in the background as she’d prepare the meal. We’d stop to watch or listen to some of the marching bands and acts they had.

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